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  • 2019

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    Psychiatric News is the “one-stop” source of information for busy psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Each issue covers major news and developments on clinical and research that can help inform your patient care decisions as well as keep you updated on related areas—such as federal and state laws and regulations, Medicare and Medicaid news, court cases, and health care economics—that affect your practice. Clinical and research coverage includes reports on the latest developments in diagnosis, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and other treatments.

    Psychiatrists and mental health professionals are barraged with information and news from many sources each day, both electronically and through the mail. What’s important and what’s not? You won’t have to worry about answering that question if you subscribe to Psychiatric News. It is an absolute must-read for those who need to stay abreast of events in psychiatry as they happen.

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  • Contents

    Each issue of Psychiatric News covers:

    • Clinical and Research News
    • Professional News
    • Government News
    • Legal News

    It also includes news for the President, Viewpoints, Residents' Forum, and information on meetings from the American Psychiatric Association.

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