eBooks Information

American Psychiatric Association Publishing offers many new and backlist titles as eBooks directly on Appi.org. If a title is available in eBook format, you will find eBook listed beneath the ISBN on the individual book page.

Our eBooks reader is available at ebooks.appi.org. Login using your appi.org username and password to access your purchased eBooks or browse our catalog of available eBooks. Our eBooks list is also available at www.appi.org/products/ebooks.

eBooks Questions

What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic version of a book. APA Publishing eBooks allow users to read publications on personal computers and mobile devices. APA Publishing eBooks retain the look of a printed book—with the layout, figures, and images intact—but fonts and font sizes are adjustable for closer study. Users can read eBooks online or download them for offline reading.

Can I view a sample eBook?

All APA Publishing eBooks have sample pages available through the iPublish View Inside feature on the site. Click the View Inside button below the title for a free preview

What can I do with my eBook?

In addition to reading and downloading, you can:

  • Search: APA Publishing eBooks are searchable. You can search within a book or across your ebook library.
  • Customize: You can highlight text on the screen, bookmark pages, or add notes throughout the eBook.
  • Easy Navigation: In addition to accessing books from your library, your notes, bookmarks, and highlights become part of your dashboard and quick links.

Can I print my eBook?

No. APA Publishing eBooks and their pages cannot be printed.

Can my eBooks be downloaded to more than one device?

The eBooks purchased are for your personal use only, but you may download and access your books for a total of 3 devices. If you exceed this quantity, you will get an error message “Maximum device limit exceeded”. If you need to deauthorize or reset your devices, please contact Customer Service.

Are eBooks updated? Will I receive updates automatically?

Individual APA Publishing eBooks are updated if/when errors occur or other updates are needed. Additionally, eBook customers have the opportunity to be among the first to purchase new editions of APA Publishing eBooks when they are released.

Rights to content

When you purchase an eBook you are obtaining the right to read the content online as well as download it to your own device to be accessed offline. These rights are subject to technology conditions and limitations as well as contractual agreements between the APA and its vendors.

Sharing eBooks among multiple users

American Psychiatric Association Publishing does not encourage the sharing of username/login credentials between multiple users. You are allowed to download and access eBooks on a total of 3 devices. If you exceed 3 devices, you will receive the error message "Maximum device limit exceeded."

Purchasing issues

I can't find the link for my eBook.

Your eBook is available at ebooks.appi.org or in the APA eBooks app for iOS or Android. Simply login to your account with your appi.org username and password and your purchaed eBooks will be available to read or download to your device.

What is the return policy on an eBook?

We are unable to accept returns or offer refunds on completed, downloaded eBook purchases. Once the eBook is purchased, the sale is considered to be complete and final.

Are all American Psychiatric Association Publishing titles available as eBooks?

Almost all new APA Publishing titles are released in both print and eBook formats. We also offer an expanding list of backlist titles as eBooks. See our eBooks page to find a particular eBook title. If there is an APA Publishing book you would like to see as an eBook that isn’t currently in that format, please contact us at psychiatryonline@psych.org and let us know.

I've reached my device limit and can't download an eBook. Do I need to buy it again?

If you have exceeded 3 devices for a particular eBook, you will receive the error message "Maximum device limit exceeded." Contact Customer Service to deauthorize or reset your devices.

Technical Requirements

What are the hardware technical requirements?

iOS App:
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Android App:
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Platform on Online Browsers:
Chrome –Version 42 and above
Firefox –Version 37 and above
Safari – Version 8 and above
Internet Explorer – Version 11 and above
iOS Device browsers – Device version 7.0 and above
Android device browsers – Device version 4.4 and above

What are the supported eBook formats?

APA Publishing eBooks are encrypted PDF or ePub2 files.

You can download eBooks to the iPublishCentral Reader on your personal computer (PC or Mac).

eBooks purchased on the APA Publishing website cannot be downloaded as a file and cannot be read on any other third party reader (eg, Apple’s iBook app, Kindle, Barnes and Noble eReader, Stanza, Mobipocket Reader, Microsoft Reader). They must be accessed through the APA Publishing eBooks Reader apps (available in the Apple App store or Google Play store) or online at ebooks.appi.org.

APA Publishing eBooks cannot be downloaded or copied to a flash drive.

APA Publishing eBooks cannot be printed.

Can't find your question? Try our FAQs!

If you have any problems with your eBook order that are not addressed in this guide or our FAQs, please contact psychiatryonline@psych.org.
For problems accessing your eBook on your device, contact the maker of the device.

Access Your Purchased eBook

Our eBooks reader is available online at ebooks.appi.org. You can also download the APA eBooks App for iOS or Android on your device's app store.

Login using your appi.org username and password to access your purchased eBooks or browse our catalog of available eBooks.

Find an eBook

Browse our eBooks titles. You can search for an individual title by adding "eBook" to the title or author you are searching for, or browse eBooks by subject area on our products page.

APA Publishing eBooks are also available from Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Apple's iBookstore. eBooks are not currently available for institutional use.

Buying an eBook from appi.org

Add the eBook to your shopping cart and proceed with the ordering process. When your order is complete, you will be prompted to download your eBook.

Return Policy for eBooks

We are unable to accept returns or offer refunds on completed, downloaded eBook purchases. If you have concerns about your purchase, please contact psychiatryonline@psych.org.