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American Psychiatric Association Publishing, is eager to consider proposals for new books in its publications program. Although APA Publishing will consider completed manuscripts for publication, we prefer submissions at the proposal stage so that we can help authors in the development of their books.

To receive full consideration, prospective authors must submit:

  • Completed Author Questionnaire (available in PDF or Word format)
  • A detailed outline or table of contents.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A brief prospectus explaining why, in the author's view, APA Publishing should publish the proposed book.

    Note: If the book proposed is an edited, multicontributor volume, the submitted outline should be annotated with brief paragraphs describing the content of each chapter, accompanied by a list of proposed contributors.

Once complete, please send two full copies of your proposal to the Editor-in-Chief at the following address:

Laura Roberts, M.D., M.A.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing
800 Maine Avenue, S.W. Suite 900
Washington, DC 20024

Appropriate Submissions

American Psychiatric Association Publishing seeks to create resources of value to the field of psychiatry and the mental health professions that benefit individuals living with mental health conditions. Appropriate proposal submissions include psychiatry and related mental health issues that interpret the scientific and medical aspects of serious mental illness and include significant clinical, research, and/or educational applications in psychiatry. In addition, American Psychiatric Association Publishing is dedicated to improving the scope of diversity, equity, and inclusion in its publications. Upon submitting your proposal, please include a statement on how your book will address diversity, equity, and inclusion and how it will improve DEI practices among mental health clinicians. To support this statement, please consider actionable steps the potential reader can take to implement your recommendations.


Once American Psychiatric Association Publishing receives your proposal, it will be reviewed internally for several factors: whether the project is suitable for our publishing program (e.g., aligns with our mission and represents a novel contribution to the field), the potential audience and sales of the book, and how the book compares with similar books published by us and by other publishers in the same subject area. This initial evaluation is made jointly by the Editor‐in‐Chief, the Publisher, and the Acquisitions Editor with input from the Director of Sales and Marketing, and may involve outside editorial advisers.

Author Discount

American Psychiatric Association Publishing authors/editors are entitled to a 50% discount on books with your name on the cover and a 20% discount on any other APA title.

All titles you purchase at a discount are, however, solely for personal use. They should not be purchased on behalf of an institution or for resale. The 50% APA Publishing author discount applies only to authors whose name appears on the cover of the book. These discounts are valid only on book, eBook, or audiobook products and cannot be combined with any other discount. It does not apply to journal or subscription products. The discount becomes effective as soon as your book appears in print.