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Quantity Discount

If you wish to buy 50 or more copies of the same title, please refer to the APA Publishing Quantity Discount Grid or email us at [email protected] for a price quote. These discounts do not apply to wholesale and retail accounts.

Author Discount

American Psychiatric Association Publishing authors/editors are entitled to a 50% discount on books with your name on the cover and a 20% discount on any other APA title.

All titles you purchase at a discount are, however, solely for personal use. They should not be purchased on behalf of an institution or for resale. The 50% APA Publishing author discount applies only to authors whose name appears on the cover of the book. These discounts are valid only on book, eBook, or audiobook products and cannot be combined with any other discount. It does not apply to journal or subscription products. The discount becomes effective as soon as your book appears in print. 

Member Discount

Members are entitled to a discount on APA Publishing books, journals, and online content*. Be sure to sign in on to receive your discount. 

American Psychiatric Association Members receive a 20% discount.

American Psychiatric Association Resident-Fellow Members (RFM) receive a 25% discount.

American Psychiatric Association Members and RFM's living in Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand can order books from local distributors to receive the APA discount. Click the "Buying In Canada or Europe?" links above the green "Add to Cart" button on any product page. You can also browse our Canadian distributor website and our Australian/New Zealand distributor website.

For orders shipped outside of the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand, please contact Customer Service directly at 1-800-368-5777 or 202-459-9722. View a list of APA Publishing's distributors.

* Please note: APA Member and APA Resident-Fellow Member prices for journals are shown with the discount already calculated. APA Members and APA RFMs are not applicable for pay-per-view articles or 24-hour access to the DSM Select package. APA Member and APA RFM discounts are not available when APA Publishing books, journals, PDA products or other online content are sold by third parties. Online subscriptions, eBooks, and audiobooks can be purchased from with your member discount anywhere in the world.

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