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Trauma Violence and PTSD

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Infanticide and Filicide

Foundations in Maternal Mental Health Forensics Edited by Gina Wong, Ph.D., and George Parnham, J.D. 2021

Treatment of Psychological Distress in Parents of Premature Infants

PTSD in the NICU Edited by Richard J. Shaw, M.D., and Sarah Horwitz, Ph.D. 2021


Clinical Features and Treatment Across the Diagnostic Spectrum Edited by Emil F. Coccaro, M.D., and Michael S. McCloskey, Ph.D. 2019

Beyond PTSD

Helping and Healing Teens Exposed to Trauma Edited by Ruth Gerson, M.D., and Patrick Heppell, Psy.D. 2019

Family Murder

Pathologies of Love and Hate Edited by Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D. 2019

Gun Violence and Mental Illness

Edited by Liza H. Gold, M.D., and Robert I. Simon, M.D. 2016

Principles and Techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy

David Read Johnson, Ph.D., and Hadar Lubin, M.D. 2016


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