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Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes

Mardi J. Horowitz, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-1-58562-107-1
  • Item #62107


Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes is the newest work from Mardi J. Horowitz, M.D., the clinical researcher largely responsible for modern concepts of posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD). In this book, Dr. Horowitz reveals the latest strategies for treating PTSD and expands the coverage to include several related diagnoses. Clinicians who work with patients experiencing the effects of loss, trauma, and terror, will find this handbook to be of great practical value. Readers will learn how to:

  • Diagnose, formulate, and treat stress response syndromes
  • Do a step-by-step formulation, emphasizing strengths as well as problems
  • Use a treatment approach that shifts as the patient changes

The author guides the reader through a unique approach to treatment. Rather than organizing the book by individual diagnoses, he integrates essential explanatory principles and techniques—psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and pharmacological—into a singular approach to apply to the range of diagnostic entities.

With this solid grounding in foundation principles for stress disorders, clinicians will be able to diagnose and treat patients with individual disorders more effectively.

Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes is an invaluable resource for all psychotherapists today. It will give clinicians the knowledge and therapeutic tools they need to help patients develop hope for improvement, courage to face traumatic events, and new knowledge and skills for making adaptive change.


Chapter 1. Orientation and Treatment Goals
Chapter 2. Evaluation
Chapter 3. Support
Chapter 4. Exploration of Meanings
Chapter 5. Improving Coping
Chapter 6. Working Through
Chapter 7. Terminating Treatment
Chapter 8. Assessment of Outcome
Chapter 9. A Few Caveats

About the Authors

Mardi J. Horowitz, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.

Mardi Horowitz 'wrote the book' on Stress Response Syndromes. Now he has written 'the book' on their treatment. A master therapist and noted PTSD researcher, Dr. Horowitz has given us a definitive guide to the psychotherapy and management of acute and posttraumatic stress disorder that combines crystalline case description with lucid presentation of therapeutic technique.—David Spiegel, M.D., Wilson Professor and Associate Chair, Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Jack, Lulu and Sam Wilson Professor in the School of Medicine, Stanford Univ School of Medicine

A concise, state-of-the-art book on the successful treatment of stress, trauma, and PTSD. A must-read by a pioneer of the field. A nutshell full of wisdom and compassion.—John P. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, Cleveland State University, Department of Psychology; Past President, International Society for Traumatic Stress Syndrome

What separates this book from similar texts in the field are the depth and richness of Horowitz's clinical experience. His psychopharmacologic suggestions are wise and an improvement over the advice of most authors, who either lack sophistication in the use of drugs or who lack dynamic understanding. Horowitz's advice on countertransference is particularly helpful. His balance and emphasis are in the right places, and his writing and conceptualizations are lucid.—George E. Vaillant, M.D., Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 10/1/2003

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