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Introduction to Time-Limited Group Psychotherapy

K. Roy MacKenzie, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.

  • 1990
  • 336 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-88048-168-7
  • Item #8168

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Introduction to Time-Limited Group Psychotherapy is a basic text designed for the clinician who already has experience in individual psychotherapy. However, the breadth of perspective and discussion of therapeutic strategies should be of value to the more experienced psychotherapist as well.

The book is divided into four sections.

  • Section One deals with basic concepts regarding the small group. This section should aid the therapist in accurately recognizing group phenomena.
  • Section Two presents the applications of the theories concerning time-limited group psychotherapy in a clinical setting. It emphasizes the importance of careful diagnostic and interpersonal assessment, group composition considerations, and pretherapy preparation in ensuring that a sense of groupness will emerge promptly.
  • Section Three shows how to use the emerging relationships among group members as the vehicle to manage individual issues. In both Sections Two and Three, the current literature concerning brief individual therapy is applied to the group context.
  • Section Four offers guidelines for integrating group psychotherapy into service and training programs. Special consideration is given to inpatient groups and long-term support groups.


  • The Nature of Groupness.

    Ideas about groups. The small group. The group system. How groups develop. Social roles.

    The Early Group.

    Assessment. Composition and preparation. The beginning. Differentiation.

    The Later Group.

    The working group. Termination. Therapist style. The therapeutic encounter.

    Professional Practice.

    Group programs. Ethics and supervision. Records and measures. Source notes. Selected references.

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