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Group Therapy in Clinical Practice

Edited by Anne Alonso, Ph.D., and Hillel I. Swiller, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-323-0
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In this era of rising health care costs, the economy of group therapy has sparked a renewed interest among mental health professionals. Beginning with a review of group therapy's roots in psychoanalysis, Group Therapy in Clinical Practice moves on to discuss how modern group therapy can be successfully employed in a variety of hospital and medical settings. It includes the needs of special populations such as adolescents, elderly patients, HIV-positive and AIDS patients, patients who abuse substances, and trauma patients.

In Group Therapy in Clinical Practice, 38 experts explore how this treatment modality can be used to its greatest effect in today's clinical setting and in the decade ahead.


  • Long-Term Psychodynamic Therapy Groups.

    The contribution of analytic group therapy to the psychoanalytic process. Group analysis. Self-psychological contributions to the theory and practice of group psychotherapy.

    Groups in Hospital and Medical Settings.

    Group psychotherapy for chronically mentally ill patients. Inpatient group psychotherapy. The community meeting. Groups in the day hospital. Medication groups. Staff support groups for high-stress facilities. Group therapy with medically ill patients. Family support groups for medically ill patients and their families.

    Special Populations in Group Therapy.

    Creating the adolescent group psychotherapy experience. Group psychotherapy for elderly patients. Group psychotherapy with HIV-positive and AIDS patients. Dynamic group therapy for substance abuse patients: a reconceptualization. Groups for patients with histories of catastrophic trauma.

    Special Considerations.

    Combined individual and group psychotherapy. Ethical and legal issues in group psychotherapy. Establishing groups in an individual office practice.

    Gender Issues in Groups.

    Women in group psychotherapy. Men in group therapy.

    New Applications of Group Theory and Technique.

    Time-limited group theory and technique. Cognitive-behavior group therapy.


    Research on group psychotherapy: overview and clinical applications.

    Teaching and Training.

    Training for group psychotherapy. Process groups for training psychiatric residents. How to run a group psychotherapy workshop.

This is a thinking person's book, well researched and documented and historically rich. . . . Therapists with a basic grounding in individual and group therapy can expect to find themselves professionally enriched and advanced by this book, and for the serious group therapist it is an essential resource.—Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research

This is an excellent basic group psychotherapy book with a flair. . . . The unusual additions in the form of subject areas seldom addressed make the richness of this book appreciable indeed. The clinical examples used by all authors are plentiful and facilitating. The array of authors is impressive.—International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

This volume is one all serious practitioners of group therapy should have on their reference shelves. Useful for clinical instruction, for quick reference, and certainly for teaching purposes (I have already used it that way myself), it touches all the important practice bases with which every group therapist who considers himself worth his salt and should be familiar—and then some.—Group: The Journal of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society

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