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Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder

Edited by Bennett G. Braun, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-096-3
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  • Issues in the psychotherapy of multiple personality disorder. Personality unification in multiple personality disorder: a follow-up study. Dissociation, double blinds, and posttraumatic stress in multiple personality disorder. Treating children who have multiple personality disorder. The dilemma of drug therapy for multiple personality disorder. Psychoanalysis and multiple personality disorder. Group therapy in treatment of multiple personality disorder. The adjunctive role of social support systems in the treatment of multiple personality disorder. The treatment of multiple personality disorder: state of the art.

The book gathers wide-ranging material in an open fashion for all to see, validate, and potentially apply. . . . The reader will be treated in these chapters to the best of what we know. The introduction includes a glossary and a conceptualization of dissociative disorders with a practical overview of psychotherapy.—New England Journal of Medicine

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