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Paul Appelbaum on Law and Psychiatry

Collected Articles from Hospital and Community Psychiatry

American Psychiatric Association

  • 1989
  • 64 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-89042-008-9
  • Item #2008

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  • Introduction. AIDS, psychiatry, and the law. Legal liability for tradive dyskinesia. How flexible are our civil commitment statutes. England's new commitment law. Competency to stand trial: neuroleptic medication and demeanor in court. Confidentiality: winning for a change. Do the mentally disabled have the right to be physicians?. Resurrecting the right to treatment. Competence to be executed: another conundrum for mental health professionals. The role of thr mental health professional in court. The rising tide of patients' rights advocacy. Patients' rights: the action moves to state courts. Refusing treatment: the uncertainty continues. Protecting child witnesses in sexual abuse cases. Admitting children to psychiatric hospitals: a controversy revived. Allen v. Illinois: the fifth amendment and the sexually dangerous person. DRGs and mental health law: a glimpse of the future. Hypnosis in the courtroom. The expansion of liability for patients's violent acts. Death, the expert witness, and the dangers of going barefoot. The Zoning out of the mentally disabled. Housing for the mentally ill: an unexpexted outcome of class-action suit against ssa. Paternalism and the role of the mental health lawyer. Te cautious advance on the right to treatment. Civil commitment: is the pendulum changing direction?. The issue of sterilization and the mentally retarded. Limitations on guardianship of the mentally disabled. The insanity defense: new calls for reform. Psychiatrists' role in the death penalty.


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