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Laboratory Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Sandra A. Jacobson, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-1-58562-383-9
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Laboratory medicine is a complex and changing field, and for the busy clinician, it is difficult to maintain an adequate working knowledge of current concepts and practices in this area—although this information is essential to excellent patient care. If you as a psychiatrist or behavioral health clinician have found yourself wondering what tests need to be performed before a new medication is initiated, what monitoring is required, or what an out-of-range laboratory value means in the behavioral medicine population, then this book is for you. If you need to remember how to diagnose SIADH or antiphospholipid syndrome or pellagra, or any other behavioral health condition diagnosed wholly or partly by lab testing, then this book is for you.

Laboratory Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science is the only current book of its kind on the market and the only place where psychiatrists and behavioral health clinicians can find content that is directly related to their work. The author's extensive experience in clinical psychiatry and neuropsychiatry informs not only the choice of tests, but also the rationale for their use. Among other notable features, the book:

  • Includes information on 168 different laboratory tests and 124 diseases and conditions
  • Includes a section on laboratory tests pertinent to psychotropic drug initiation and monitoring
  • Includes an appendix with useful algorithms such as Ten Rules for a Normal ECG and Medical Evaluation for ECT.
  • Provides information on what patients can expect and how to prepare for specific lab tests (e.g., the need to fast or to refrain from certain drugs or foods) so that clinicians can inform patients fully in advance of testing
  • Covers current standards of care in monitoring metabolic syndrome and other adverse effects and complications that can arise in psychiatric and behavioral medicine patients
  • Pays careful attention to ease of access, with standard formatting for each section, and with extensive indexing

Laboratory Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science is an indispensible compendium of valuable information on laboratory tests and diseases, and is a reference that clinicians will find themselves consulting frequently.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Laboratory Tests
  • Chapter 2. Diseases and Conditions
  • Chapter 3. Psychotropic Medications: Laboratory Screening and Monitoring
  • Appendix A. Therapeutic and Toxic Drug Levels at a Glance
  • Appendix B. Additional Information on Neuroimaging
  • Appendix C. Additional Information on Cardiac-Related Tests
  • References
  • Index

About the Authors

Sandra A. Jacobson, M.D., is a Senior Scientist at Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Sun City, Arizona. In the past, she worked in Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry and Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School and New England Medical Center in Boston, as Director of the EEG Laboratory at Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and in Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry at Brown Medical School and The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI. She is board certified by the ABPN in Psychiatry, with Added Qualifications in Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and (formerly) Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG and EMG).

Laboratory Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science is an invaluable resource for every practicing psychiatrist. Dr. Jacobson provides details for all major laboratory and other diagnostic tests relevant to psychiatry, then summarizes their role in major medical disorders, and finally reviews what laboratory measures are indicated for each psychotropic drug. In bringing together all of this information from so many diverse cited references, this book has already saved me many hours.—James L. Levenson, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, and Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Books such as Laboratory Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science highlight the need for psychiatrists to remain attentive to the general medical well-being of their patients while attending to their psychological needs. For this reason, and the comprehensive coverage made available in the context of psychiatric practice, this book is highly recommended to all those involved in the care of patients who are receiving pharmaceutical therapy for their psychiatric conditions.—, 3/1/2012

This is the single most complete reference on laboratory tests and their role in psychiatry. It is easy to use, very concise, and complete in its entirety.
Psychiatrists needs this book, as the assumption is often made that patients are medically cleared by the time they are working with psychiatrists, which leads to some complacency on the psychiatrists' part regarding important further laboratory tests. Further, research shows the unacceptably low rates of screening and monitoring for patients taking various psychotropic medications.
Some areas of improvement for this book would include adding sections on pediatrics. I would also recommend separating neuroimaging tests and cardiac tests into their own sections instead of including them in the general laboratory tests section.—Aaron Plattner. M.D., Doody Enterprises, Inc., 3/1/2012

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