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Grief and Prolonged Grief Disorder

Edited by Charles F. Reynolds III, M.D., Stephen J. Cozza, M.D., Paul K. Maciejewski, Ph.D., Holly G. Prigerson, Ph.D., M. Katherine Shear, M.D., Naomi Simon, M.D., MSc, and Sidney Zisook, M.D.

  • 2024
  • 222 Pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61537-463-2
  • Item #37463

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Grief and bereavement are a universal part of the human experience. The impact of grief on human lives is increasingly evident as the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental disasters, and—in the United States in particular—gun-related violence upend normal life and expose vast swaths of society to recurring and profound trauma.

It was only in 2022, with the publication of DSM-5-TR and in the context of considerable scientific progress, that prolonged grief disorder (PGD) was included as a formal diagnosis, one also reflected in ICD-11. Now, this new handbook provides both clinical and non-clinical readers with a science-based approach to identifying and addressing PGD, along with what might be termed normal grief.

In extensively referenced chapters filled with illustrative case studies, this guide examines topics such as

  • What constitutes bereavement
  • How simple bereavement differs from PGD and how to manage them clinically
  • Grief in children and the importance of a life cycle approach
  • Cultural factors and their impact on the experience of grief
  • Stigma and attitudes toward treatment
  • Diagnosing and treating PGD

With consequences that include suffering, social isolation and loneliness, poor physical health, shortened life expectancy, and suicide, it is critical that PGD be recognized and treated as quickly as possible.

Thus, Grief and Prolonged Grief Disorder is a necessary resource: Its evidence-based approach gives readers the tools they need to recognize grief in themselves and others, strategies for the clinical management of typical grief, guidance on the specific treatment for PGD, and tips on when to refer patients for specialty care.


  • Foreword
  • Part I: Bereavement, Grief, and Prolonged Grief Disorder: Clinical Presentations and Basics of Clinical Management

  • Chapter 1. Bereavement
  • Chapter 2. Bereavement, Grief, and Prolonged Grief Disorder in Children and Adolescents
  • Chapter 3. Clinical Management of Bereaved Patients With and Without Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Part II: Diagnosis and Assessment of Prolonged Grief Disorder

  • Chapter 4. Defining and Diagnosing Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Chapter 5. Clinically Relevant Correlates of Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Chapter 6. Epidemiology of Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Part III: Treatment of Prolonged Grief Disorder

  • Chapter 7. Treatment of Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Chapter 8. Conclusion
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B


    Meredith E. Charney, Ph.D.
    Abigail Clark, M.D., Ph.D.
    Stephen J. Cozza, M.D.
    Joscelyn E. Fisher, Ph.D.
    Alana Iglewicz, M.D.
    Paul K. Maciejewski, Ph.D.
    Christin M. Ogle, Ph.D.
    Holly G. Prigerson, Ph.D.
    Charles F. Reynolds, III, M.D.
    M. Katherine Shear, M.D.
    Naomi M. Simon, M.D., M.Sc.
    Natalia A. Skritskaya, Ph.D.
    Sidney Zisook, M.D.

About the Authors

Charles F. Reynolds, III, M.D., is Professor in Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Professor of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Stephen J. Cozza, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Department of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.

Paul K. Maciejewski, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Radiology and in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and Co-Director of the Cornell Center for Research on End-of-Life Care in New York, New York.

Holly G. Prigerson, Ph.D., is the Irving Sherwood Wright Professor of Geriatrics and a Professor of Sociology in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine; she is also Co-Director of the Cornell Center for Research on End-of-Life Care in New York, New York.

M. Katherine Shear, M.D., is the Marion K. Kenworthy Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia School of Social Work, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Director of the Center for Prolonged Grief in New York, New York.

Naomi M. Simon, M.D., M.Sc., is Director of the Anxiety, Stress, and Prolonged Grief Program at NYU Langone and Professor in Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York, New York.

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