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Law, Psychiatry, and Morality

Essays and Analysis

Alan A. Stone, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-209-7
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  • Preface. Acknowledgements. Political misuse of psychiatry: a tale of two generals. Psychiatry and violence. The ethics of forensic psychiatry: a view from the ivory tower. The trial of John Hinckley. Psychiatry and the Supreme Court. Psychiatric abuse and legal reform: two ways to make a bad situation worse. The Tarasoff case and some of its progeny: suing psychotherapists to safeguard society. Sexual exploitation of patients in psychotherapy. Psychiatry and morality: three criticisms. Psychiatry as morality. Morality for psychiatry. Index.

Dr. Stone's moral thinking is at its best when he explores various aspects of promising and undertaking obligations, for instance in his careful analysis of therapist's legal liability for the sexual abuse of their patients.—New York Times Book Review

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