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Toward an Integrated Medicine

Classics From Psychosomatic Medicine, 1959-1979

American Psychosomatic Society

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Toward an Integrated Medicine: Classics From Psychosomatic Medicine, 1959-1979, includes 19 seminal, excellent articles published between 1959 and 1979 selected for inclusion here by the American Psychosomatic Society Publications Committee. These articles were chosen based on their merit, importance for the field, and excellent argumentation and because they are a springboard to further research.

This book is a useful reference for graduate students, medical students, residents, and faculty in psychiatry, psychology, behavioral science, and other fields studying mind-body aspects of health and behavior.

About the Authors

The essential mission of the American Psychosomatic Society is to promote and advance the scientific understanding of the interrelationships among biological, psychological, social, and behavioral factors in human health and disease. To integrate the fields of science that separately examine each, and to foster the application of this understanding in education and improved health care.

This is an interesting historical review of classic psychosomatic articles, significant for their hypotheses and conclusions and for their experimental designs. The collection reminds the reader that exploring the historical development of psychosomatic medicine uncovers not only knowledge still pertinent today, but also discoveries that led to further investigations. These articles emphasize the significance of understanding psychosomatic medicine as a multidisciplinary and dynamic view of health and illness.—Doody's Journal

This book is a rare tour de force. The editors have selected an assortment of dazzling contributions that were originally published in Psychosomatic Medicine between 1959 and 1979. The book offers just what the title proposes—an integration or melding together of the scholarly approaches that characterizes this important field.—Joel E. Dimsdale, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, and Editor-in-Chief, Psychosomatic Medicine

This is a unique volume of selected papers from Psychosomatic Medicine, which is one of the most prestigious journals in medical science. The papers have been carefully selected by a multidisciplinary panel of investigators who work in the field of 'psychosomatics.' Each paper has a brief introduction to place it in the context of past and present research of the subject under investigation.—Thomas N. Wise, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, Psychosomatics

For all those looking to understand the field, and also respectful of its legacy, this is a valuable book. It is easy to see this tidy volume regularly plucked for the bookshelves of teachers and mentors in psychosomatic medicine to stimulate and encourage the next generation of searchers.—General Hospital Psychiatry

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