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Developmental Psychiatry

Edited by Michael Rutter, M.D.

  • 1987
  • 400 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-88048-271-4
  • Item #8271

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This book provides a nontechnical account of human development that is particularly relevant to an understanding of psychiatric disorders. In describing the process of physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral development, the contributors emphasize the aspects of development of greatest interest to clinicians, and examine normal development in relation to its implications in clinical pathology.


  • Section I: Influences on Development.

    Introduction. Genetics and mental development. Maturation of the central nervous system. Congenital anomalies, appearance and body build. Family influences. School influences. Cultural and community influences. Psychological sex differences. Individual differences in temperament. Learning.

    Section II: Body Functioning.

    Feeding and sleeping. The development of bladder control. Motor development and motor disability. Laterality. Autonomic reactivity.

    Section III: Cognition.

    Perception. Development of attention. Language. Reading and spelling skills. Cognitive development. Intelligence.

    Section IV: Social and Emotional Development.

    Attachment and the development of social relationships. Peer relations and family relations: two social worlds. Play. Emotional development. Psychosexual development. Moral development. The development of aggression.

    Section V: Theories and Approaches.

    Future trends and problems. Index.

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