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Pocket Guide to Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults

American Psychiatric Association

  • 2017
  • 16 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-89042-681-4
  • Item #2681

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This new Pocket Guide, based on the 2015 edition of the Practice Guidelines for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults, focuses on the initial psychiatric evaluation, including additional domains of evaluation relevant to CPT documentation requirements. The Guide covers aspects of the Chief Complaint; History of Present Illness; Psychiatric, Substance Use, Family, Personal and Social, and Medical Histories; Review of Systems; Examination, including Mental Status Examination; Review of Available Data; and Formulation, Diagnostic Impression, and Treatment Plan.


  • Section I: Chief Complaint
  • Section II: History of Present Illness
  • Section III: Psychiatric History
  • Section IV: Substance Use History
  • Section V: Family History
  • Section VI: Personal and Social History
  • Section VII: Medical History
  • Section VIII: Review of Systems
  • Section IX: Examination, Including Mental Status Examination
  • Section X: Constitutional
  • Section XI: Musculoskeletal
  • Section XII: Psychiatric Examination
  • Section XIII: Review of Available Data
  • Section XIV: Formulation, Diagnostic Impression and Plan

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