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PsychiatryOnline Institutional Subscription Rates

PsychiatryOnline is the platform for all American Psychiatric Association Publishing journals, DSM-5-TR®, and bestselling textbooks, as well as APA Practice Guidelines, and continuing medical education.

This is a one-stop resource for information on psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, guidelines, the latest research, and breaking news from the field. From a single location, users can search across all books and journals to find the most relevant content easier than ever.

Features and benefits

ePub Journal Article

Journal articles are now available in ePub format, in addition to HTML, PDF, and PDFPlus. ePub format is also available for books in our eBook subject collections. Content in ePub format opens in the PsychiatryOnline Reader, an in-browser reader that automatically opens the title and is compatible with any viewing device. The PsychiatryOnline Reader allows for viewing features like content outlines, figures, tables, and links alongside the journal article or book chapter in one easy-to-navigate view.


PsychiatryOnline has global search and browse options across books and journals. Tools are available to filter search results by title, type of content, topic and/or date.

Related Articles

On the article page, highly relevant additional resources will appear including related articles from journals, Psychiatric News, related chapters from books and DSM-5-TR®, and related content from PubMed and other external sources.


Journal editors discuss the decisions that led them to accepting various research papers and also highlight the clinical significance of content contained in each issue.

Intuitive Design

The site adapts instantly and intuitively to any device so it is easy to use whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Study Guide Enhancement—Now Available!

The Study Guides now are in an interactive quiz format. Users can enhance their knowledge of psychiatry by working through the multiple-choice questions and then access the relevant text in the corresponding textbook.

Users can:

  • Determine number of questions per quiz
  • Determine what topics to cover
  • Determine when to see the answers—during the quiz or after completion
  • View testing history
  • Retake a quiz
Package Options See full list Premium Core DSM-5 Library
DSM-5-TR and DSM-5 Check Check Check
DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis Check   Check
DSM-5-TR Clinical Cases Check   Check
Spanish Edition of the Desk Reference DSM-5 Check Check Check
DSM-5 Handbook on the Cultural Formulation Interview Check   Check
American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines Check    
Schatzberg's Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 9E Check    
Gabbard’s Treatments of Psychiatric Disorders, 5E Check    
Select APA Publishing Textbooks - learn more! Check    
Select APA Publishing Study Guides - learn more! Check    
Helping Parents and Teachers Understand Medications for Behavioral and Emotional Problems, 4E Check    
What Your Patients Need to Know About Psychiatric Medications Check    
Understanding Mental Disorders: A Patient and Family Resource Check    
Care of Military Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families Check    
Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychiatry Check    
Integrated Care Check    
Management of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury Check    
Positive Psychiatry Check    
Book of the Month - access to a new best-selling title each month Check    
Select APA Publishing Journals - learn more! Check Check