Concise Guide to Group Psychotherapy

  • 1989
  • 172 pages

ISBN 978-0-88048-327-8
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  • Description

    This guide examines the unique therapeutic value of group psychotherapy. Written for the clinician in need of concise, clinically relevant information, this book discusses how the patient-patient and the patient-therapist interactions in a group setting can affect changes in maladaptive behavior.

  • Contents

    Introduction to Concise Guides. What is group psychotherapy? What makes group psychotherapy work? Building the foundations for a psychotherapy group? Creating a psychotherapy group. Resolving common problems in group psychotherapy. Techniques of the group psychotherapist. Inpatient groups. Outpatient groups. Conclusion. Index.

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    This paperback book is an excellent primer for therapists.—International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

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