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DSM-IV-TR is the world’s most widely-used and respected mental health reference book. Online access to this valuable resource, including DSM-IV codes, diagnoses, decision trees, and criteria sets, is available at



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Individual Subscription— The DSM Select individual online subscription package includes access to:

  • DSM-IV-TR, DSM-IV-TR Handbook of Differential Diagnosis, DSM-IV-TR Case Book and Treatment Companion
  • APA Practice Guidelines—Quick Reference and Comprehensive versions
  • Four Textbooks including Textbook of Psychiatry, 5th Edition
  • Four Peer-Reviewed Journals including The American Journal of Psychiatry
  • Two Patient Handout Books
Option 1: The DSM Premium Package
The complete PsychiatryOnline subscription package provides your institution and its users with unlimited access to the most comprehensive online mental health reference collection available anywhere. View 16 reference books, 4 peer-reviewed journals, and an array of online resources.

Option 2: DSM-IV-TR Online Only

The DSM-IV-TR Online Only subscription package provides unlimited online access to the full-text of the DSM-IV-TR for all institutional users.

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All individual and institutional PsychiatryOnline subscription packages include 12 months of online access.