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Dangerous Sex Offenders

Dangerous Sex Offenders
A Task Force Report of the American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association
210 pages
ISBN 978-0-89042-280-9
Item #2280

Preface. Epidemiology of sex offenders. Sexual predator commitment laws: legal issues. Paraphilias: prevalence, characteristics, evaluation, and cognitive-behavioral treatment. Juvenile sex offenders. Pharmacological treatment of sexual offenders. Sexual offender recidivism. Frequently asked questions. Policy recommendations. Index.

"This straight-shooting book should be read by mental health professionals, criminal justice personnel, and legislators who must deal with these difficult issues."—Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

"Readers of Dangerous Sex Offenders will find an unusually cogent synopsis of interesting and controversial issues. It is authoritative and well referenced without undo academic interruption. . . . Dangerous Sex Offenders is worth a critical reading. There is a good summary of important issues, research recommendations and policy recommendations."—Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"This authoritative examination of recent research and legal responses to sex offenders provides an even-handed introduction to a highly controversial social issue. . . . This well-documented text is a wonderful example of scientific and ethical understanding of human behavior that should influence policy making."—Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health