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Selected Models of Practice in Geriatric Psychiatry

Selected Models of Practice in Geriatric Psychiatry
A Task Force Report of the American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association
96 pages
ISBN 978-0-89042-239-7
Item #2239

This book is designed for clinicians, policy makers, and other professionals engaged in developing programs for the mental health needs of our aging population. By identifying and describing existing models of excellence in geriatric psychiatry practice from a variety of settings and geographic locations, this task force report will both inspire and instruct as to how these paradigms can be used for future system development. Concise and valuable information on complex issues in service delivery for the elderly is provided from seven different countries.

Selected Models of Practice in Geriatric Psychiatry presents various settings in which psychiatrists treat elderly patients and describes for each setting

  • targeting and identification of patients
  • common clinical problems
  • approaches to treatment
  • physical plant and staffing requirements
  • administrative issues
  • reimbursement sources

Consultation/liaison service models. Community-based models of mental health services for the elderly. Private-sector dedicated psychogeriatric services. Department of Veterans Affairs psychogeriatric programs: integrated continuity of care. APA professional activities and biographical directory survey—focus on geriatric psychiatry. A Canadian model of comprehensive geriatric psychiatry care. International perspectives on psychogeriatric models. Problems and recommendations. References. Index.

"This book should be helpful to those seeking to improve or expand their services."—Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health