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American Psychiatric Publishing (APP), is eager to consider proposals for new books in its publications program. To receive full consideration, prospective authors must submit a completed Author Questionnaire (in PDF or Word format) along with a detailed outline or table of contents, a curriculum vitae, and a brief prospectus explaining why, in the author's view, APP should publish the proposed book. Note: If the book proposed is an edited, multicontributor volume, the submitted outline should be annotated with brief paragraphs describing the content of each chapter, accompanied by a list of proposed contributors. Although APP will consider completed manuscripts for publication, we prefer submissions at the proposal stage so that we can help authors in the development of their books.


Appropriate Submissions

Projects with significant research, educational, or clinical applications in psychiatry are given the highest priority. We also consider books about psychiatry and related issues for other health professionals. Finally, we also publish books about psychiatry for the general public; we are interested in authoritative books that interpret the scientific and medical aspects of serious mental illness for the lay public.



When we first receive a proposal, we review it internally for several factors: whether the project is suitable for our publishing program, the potential audience and sales for the book, whether the author(s) or editor(s) can complete the book as proposed on time, a financial analysis of the project, and how the book compares with books published by us and by other publishers in the same subject area. This initial evaluation is made jointly by the Editor-in-Chief, the Editorial Director, Associate Publisher for Advertising, Sales, and Marketing, and the Director of Financial and Business Operations and may involve outside editorial advisers.



If your proposal is accepted, we may offer you a publication contract, which sets forth the basic terms of our agreement. In brief, APP agrees to publish the work within a specified period of time and pay a royalty based on a percentage of all monies actually received by us for the sale of the book. In exchange, the author agrees to complete the manuscript by a given deadline, grants exclusive rights to the work, and warrants that the material is original, nonlibelous, and free of any copyright restrictions. The contract is subject to negotiation.


When the completed manuscript is submitted, it is reviewed by at least one peer reviewer selected by the Editor-in-Chief. An anonymous copy of the peer reviewer's comments is provided to the author so that appropriate revisions can be made before the final acceptance of the manuscript by APP. After final acceptance, the manuscript is then prepared for publication, usually with about 10 months elapsing between acceptance of the final manuscript and publication of the book. If the book is not received by the date specified in the contract, the publication date may be substantially delayed.


At American Psychiatric Publishing, we involve our authors in the process of marketing and promoting their books. After signing their contracts, authors are asked to complete a detailed Marketing Information Questionnaire, which forms an essential part of the information needed to promote the author's book.



If you have any questions about preparing a proposal or about the evaluation process, please contact the Editorial Department at 703-907-7892 or send a message to Editor.


Once complete, please send two full copies of your proposal to the Editor-in-Chief at the following address:


Robert E. Hales, M.D.

American Psychiatric Publishing

A Division of American Psychiatric Association

1000 Wilson Blvd.

Suite 1825

Arlington, VA 22209