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The significance of sexuality to human development has historically been an important focus of psychiatry, particularly in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In recent years, the field of human sexuality has undergone enormous development, with contributions from the basic sciences, urology, obstetrics, gynecology, and psychology.

Sexual health is important to a patient’s sense of well-being, and the recognition and treatment of sexual disorders is a key component of psychiatric practice. The restoration of sexual function can improve the quality of life of many individuals.

Books on Sexuality and Sexual Disorders

American Psychiatric Publishing (APPI), a division of the American Psychiatric Association, publishes clinical manuals and books on human sexuality and the treatment of sexual disorders.

Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders

Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders addresses the management and treatment of sexual dysfunctions using a conceptual model that incorporates biological, psychological, and cultural interventions.

The LGBT Casebook

The LGBT Casebook helps clinicians, trainees, and other mental health professionals address the mental health needs of LGBT people in the context of problems these individuals face in their everyday lives, including homophobia and discrimination.

Dreams of Love and Fateful Encounters

Dreams of Love and Fateful Encounters emphasizes the relevance of passion not only to lovers but also to mental health professionals whose patients often enter treatment because of love-related issues—from the inability to love or make a commitment to the loss of love.

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