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Evidence-Based Psychiatry 

The clinician with an evidence-based psychiatric practice (EBPP) applies the latest scientific research to an individual patient’s needs, values and preferences, evaluating multiple sources of expertise and evidence to produce an accurate treatment plan.

With evidence-based medicine (EBM), it is important that the psychiatrist offer a range of therapies, assess the quality of evidence relevant to the risks and benefits of each type of treatment, and review the patient’s progress against personal and published standards and measurements.

Essential Reading for Evidence-Based Psychiatric Practices

Having the time to systematically review the scientific literature is a challenge for any practicing psychiatrist. In addition to offering a wealth of books and journals on the latest advances in psychiatry, American Psychiatric Publishing (APPI), a division of the American Psychiatric Association, also publishes a range of highly effective books and guidelines on how to incorporate the latest scientific studies into clinical practice.

The Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic MedicationsThe Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic Medications is the first in a series of handy reference guides to evidence-based psychiatry, providing clinical information on the use of antipsychotic medications to treat a broad range of psychiatric conditions.
The Evidence-Based Guide to Antidepressant MedicationsThe Evidence-Based Guide to Antidepressant Medications synthesizes the latest research on the use of antidepressants to treat mental disorders.
How to Practice Evidence-Based Psychiatry: Basic Principles and Case StudiesHow to Practice Evidence-Based Psychiatry: Basic Principles and Case Studies explains the principles of evidence-based psychiatry and outlines the steps for applying medical evidence to clinical practice.
Psychiatric ServicesResearch studies in Psychiatric Services, a monthly peer-reviewed journal, examine ways to deliver well-known evidence-based practices, such as supported employment and assertive community treatment.

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