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Cultural Psychiatry 

Cultural psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry concerned with the interaction of culture and mental illness. As cultural diversity within the United States grows, psychiatrists have a responsibility to be able to effectively evaluate the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of a broad spectrum of racial and ethnic groups. Cross cultural awareness training is a key part of a psychiatrist’s education, and cultural competence is required for psychiatric accreditation.

Essential Resources on Psychiatry and Culturally Competent Clinical Care

American Psychiatric Publishing (APPI), a division of the American Psychiatric Association, publishes textbooks and handbooks that provide psychiatrists and other mental health professionals with an understanding of how cultural differences affect the diagnosis and treatment of mentally ill people.

Clinical Manual of Cultural PsychiatryClinical Manual of Cultural Psychiatry provides insight and guidelines for treating patients in ethnic groups which comprise the largest minorities in the United States, and discusses the relationship between ethnicity and psychopharmacology.
Cultural Competence in Clinical PsychiatryCultural Competence in Clinical Psychiatry examines cultural factors that apply to most psychiatric services and specialties.
Women in Psychiatry: Personal PerspectivesWomen in Psychiatry: Personal Perspectives presents the personal accounts of a diverse group of accomplished women psychiatrists and the paths they took to achieve their professional goals.

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