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Couples & Family Therapy 

Couples and family therapy focuses on intimate relationships and how enduring emotional attachments shape patients’ behavior and well-being. The couples’ therapist aims to alleviate the interpersonal problems of married or unmarried couples by using psychotherapy to explore the psychological, sexual, ethical, and economic aspects of the relationship.

Family therapy is based on the notion that an individual’s mental health is best understood within the context of his or her family, and that improved family relationships can transform dysfunctional behavior. Many conflicts associated with treating mental disorders are eased by including the family in long-term treatment plans. A psychiatrist, psychologist or other licensed therapist may employ various forms of therapy to facilitate communication among family members, including psychotherapy, family systems theory, and cognitive-behavior therapy.

Books on Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy 

American Psychiatric Publishing (APPI), a division of the American Psychiatric Association, publishes textbooks on therapy for couples and families that cover the latest interventions in practice today.

Clinical Manual of Couples and Family TherapyClinical Manual of Couples and Family Therapy presents a framework for evaluating the families of psychiatric patients and engaging them in the treatment process.
Textbook of Family and Couples TherapyTextbook of Family and Couples Therapy brings together different approaches to counseling couples and families into one comprehensive resource and points the way to future research.
Marital and Family TherapyMarital and Family Therapy, Fourth Edition, is a classic text with fresh insights into how changing attitudes about gender, culture, race, and class influence family theory and practice.

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