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Open URLs and SFX 

Answer supports two types of OpenURL linking: inbound and outbound. 
Inbound OpenURL Linking: supports OpenURL at the journal article and book chapter level. We support the volume/page syntax for articles and the DOI syntax for book chapters as well as articles (for articles that have DOIs). Note that popular link resolvers, such as Ex Libris’s SFX, can be easily embedded into any OpenURL-compliant source, so you should have no problem enabling OpenURL linking with them.
Here’s an example of two ways to link to the same article via inbound OpenURL at

Base URL: The base URL works for all journal articles that have been assigned DOIs.

The base URL works for all book chapters that have been assigned DOIs. currently does not offer OpenURL resolution at the publication (via ISSN) or issue level (via ISSN/Volume/Issue).

Outbound OpenURL Linking: also supports outbound OpenURL linking. This feature enables dynamic linking of journal references to OpenURL-based institutional link resolvers and lets your patrons know whether your library provides access to the article or chapter being cited.

To enable outbound OpenURL linking, please provide us with your resolver base URL, link text, and image (image is optional; if provided it will appear in an article/chapter’s References section as the institutional link). You can email this information to us at

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Institutional FAQs: Open URLs and SFX